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Depression in Pregnancy

Depression in the United States is a hidden epidemic: roughly 9% of U.S. adults meet the criteria for depression,[1],and the same appears to hold true for pregnant women (8.5-11%), and women during the postpartum period (6.5-12.9%).[2] It is ironic that while obstetric care providers have gotten Learn More

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The Truth about Bed Rest

“A business trip?” I was incredulous. “I’ll make sure to sit the entire time,” my patient assured me with great seriousness. “I guess, if you have to.” I admit it: there was a hint of disapproval in my voice. My patient’s cervix was 2.5cm at Learn More

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Preterm Delivery and the Low-Risk Pregnant Woman: What to Know

My daughter, Larissa, was born nearly three months before her due date, which is, fortunately, not the type of birthday most children have. But preterm delivery – births prior to 37 weeks of gestation – is a relatively common phenomenon, affecting nearly 12 percent of Learn More

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