Henry (Hank) Roqué, MD, MS, FACOG

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Henry (Hank) Roqué, MD, MS, FACOG,

is a board certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist. Dr. Roque’s interest in caring for others began early in life when he spent several summers working with special-needs children. Dr. Roque attended CUNY at Queens College, graduating with a degree in chemistry. While at Queens College, Dr Roqué competed at the indoor nationals in water polo. He went on to St. John’s University and completed his master’s degree in toxicology. He attended SUNY Upstate Medical School and performed his residency at Hartford Hospital in
Connecticut. He completed his fellowship in maternal-fetal medicine at New York University School of Medicine.

Dr. Roqué has published extensively on maternal hematologic disorders in pregnancy, nutrition in pregnancy, physiologic changes associated with pregnancy, and monoamniotic placentation. Dr Roqué is a Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Roqué has four children, and spends his free time driving his sons to lacrosse, football, and baseball games. He has started training for sprint triathalons, and plays guitar.


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